Sunday, March 22, 2009

Minty Boost USB charger

I found some time at last to solder and assemble my MintyBoost !

MintyBoost Kit

It's small handy USB charger powered by 2 AA Batteries. I've been using a 4AA battery USB charger for years, but after saw this neat smaller and lighter 2AA charger kit that fits neatly inside an Altoids Gum Tin, I knew that I wanted one. The kit is well thought out. The printed circuit board is designed to fit the contours of the Tin container. The circuit board is etched with handy part numbers and markings that make it easy to correctly place the electronic components for soldering in to place. The electronics are necessary to boost the ~3 Volts from the pair of batteries in series up to the required ~5 Volts that USB works with.

Very very nice solution. Much easier to carry around than my old 4 battery charger (plus it looks cute to boot (or is that 'boost' ?))

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ballet Class

My favorite Jazz dance classes ended after Zafra left town.

farewell Zafra

Happily, I've found a new set of classes to fill the gaping void that was left behind:

Beginning Ballet classes taught by Kathy Mata @SF Dance Center.

The classes are great and despite being called 'Beginning', there are more advanced dancers that also attend the class (a very good sign !). Kathy is a teacher very mindful of everyone in her class at all times, offering helpful corrections and advice for the duration of each class. I can feel that I'm making technical progress since starting the class (a very good feeling). A happy start to a new chapter !