Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Combat Ballerina !

I rented "Assassin's Run" from my local video store and brought home what I thought would be your typical action B-movie.

Well, it was your garden variety B-movie but with an unexpected twist.  No, it wasn't about some paramilitary assassins as depicted on the DVD cover art, instead it was about an avenging Russian Ballerina out to get her husband's killers (of the Russian mafia: St Petersburg

division), rescue her daughter and recover a half billion dollars or so of missing loot.

Suspend all belief those who enter here !

Facing near defeat in a prison yard fight with a Mafiosa, she defeats her shocked opponent with a flurry of pirouettes with hooking elbow blows.   Of course, it's a minor technical detail that the ground is dirt and not a smooth dance floor (did I mention the need to suspend all belief ?).

A burly enforcer is warned:  'watch out, she can kick behind her head !'   *thud*  oops, he didn't listen !

The heroine *does* defeat all opponents, rescues her daughter and recover the loot, all in requisite B-movie tradition.

I can only imagine the shock of anyone that rented this DVD expecting to see Christian Slater suited up to do the action, but getting his Ballerina widow delivering the goods instead !