Thursday, April 16, 2009

pre-Torn and pre-Worn

It all started in the 80's, I think.

After the movie 'Flashdance' became wildly popular, loose tops with rips at the seams began appearing on the apparel floors in Women's Clothing Departments. If one wanted to emulate the 'Flashdance' look, but couldn't trust themselves to tear up their clothing 'just right', you could just go in and buy a brand new top already ripped for you fresh from the factory.

A decade or so later, I think, came the phenomenon of new 'stressed' jeans, new jeans that one can buy in the store that look like they've been worn for a couple of years. No need to hunt for a used pair at the local Goodwill store when you can just pay up and walk out with a worn looking pair jeans that fits just right.

Now, the other day I got a music instrument catalogue in the mailbox. Right on the cover (see photo), you can buy a brand new Fender guitar or bass that comes from the factory with a finish called 'Road Worn'. The from the factory guitars have chipped and scratched wood showing along with the finish worn off in just the right places. Now you don't have to look like some Jr High School dweeb that just learned how to play 'Louie Louie' on your brand new shiny guitar*. Instead your new guitar looks like it seen a decade of traveling from coffee shop to coffee shop with a lot of street corners thrown in along the way...

oh my... I guess the look screams "yeah, dude, I PAID my dues !"

(with cash)

* (I'm saying this very tongue in cheek, I respect and appreciate anyone who values music !)

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