Saturday, August 22, 2009

Psycho Donuts

I went down to Psycho Donuts today to check out the concept. The clerks are outfitted in hospital dress and the walls have illuminated pictures of injury X-rays on them. Fun idea. There are some pretty wacky donuts like their 'Mood Swing' donut. It's one half chocolate with nuts and one half chocolate with Coconut flakes. Bipolar indeed. I opted for a 'Head Trauma' bleeding jelly donut and a more conventional 'Apricot Jam' which is an Apricot Fritter, mmmmm....

The place was packed and noisy, not your usual muted donut shop atmosphere.

I generally dislike stereotyping and stereotypes. Stereotyping bespeaks of simultaneous laziness of perception and laziness of reason, but damn if there wasn't a Police Cruiser parked right outside the donut shop ! sigh....

psycho donuts

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Ricky said...

uncle thorick,
next time I come to visit can we get a "pyscho donut?"
Ricky Pang