Monday, October 12, 2009

DanceWright Night Delights

I went to see a concert put on by the SF DanceWright Project at Dance Mission Theatre in SF.

The DanceWright Project

It was a marvelous evening featuring 4 companies:
Labayen Dance/SF
Kat Worthington and Dancers

All but DAC PAC performed premiere works that evening and the air was especially electric with the freshness of the new works being presented to the packed house.

I was particularly stunned by the performance of DAC PAC.

DAC PAC were amazing. Aside from the flexibility and energy that one might expect from young (pre-18 year old) dancers, the real surprise was the level of ensemble work. When the choreography called for homogeneous group movement, I don't think I've ever witnessed a group that has performed more tightly. Everyone was exactly on beat, even when falling to the floor (which yielded a satisfying unified 'whump'). When arms moved, they all moved at the same time and AT THE SAME PLACES. Even the smallest movements the hands and fingers were in sync. The effect of this was to feel a powerful wave effect from the group, like a school of swimming fish suddenly changing direction. If any member had been off in time or space, this effect would be diminished. It was not. And the effect was maintained and not diminished for the length of the entire piece.


I highly recommend catching DAC PAC when you can !

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