Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pride Day above Market Street

It's Gay Pride Sunday and I'm on BART heading for the city.

Someone has arranged 2 beautiful baskets of artificial iridescent flowers. 
(my cell phone picture doesn't do them justice !)

While sympathetic, I'm not on my way to the parade and festivities.
Instead I'm looking forward to my favorite Sunday morning activity:

Ballet class at SF DanceCenter.

The 'morning class' is a ritual that all professional Ballet dancers do daily.  I will never know the life of a professional, but once a week I can indulge in the spirit of starting the day with 'morning class' just like the pros do.
There's a live pianist to accompany the dancers, the air is still cool and fresh, it's heavenly being immersed in an atmosphere full with art and aesthetic.

Class started at 10am as scheduled.
The Pride parade started at 10:30am as scheduled.
We are 4 stories above the parade route along Market street and soon catch the full sonic fury of the parade's motorcycle contingent.
The piano is overwhelmed for a few minutes until they pass out of earshot.
Time for a quick peek or two at the spectacle below.

Soon, happily, all's back to normal...   and we return to our labor of love...

What a great day !

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