Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aesthetics are for those that can afford it

I went to a Post Office to buy some stamps the other day and was soundly disappointed with what came out of the machine

This has got to be the *worst* looking USPS issued stamp that I've ever seen.  Despite it's message, there is nothing worth celebrating here, not for an instant and *certainly* not FOREVER !

Contrast the workmanship and care that used to go into US Postal Service stamps printed from engraved plates:

Look up close and marvel at the beautiful detail:

I for one certainly can't fault the new stamp for being cost efficient:  stamps printed on location on demand.   With all of the financial trouble that the USPS is in it would be irresponsible now to spend what it takes to produce stamps the old fashioned way.

Near the Post Office where the stamps came from, at Market and Powell is a sidewalk repair eyesore.   Where there used to be a hand laid brick sidewalk, the repair job consisted of concrete surfaced to resemble brick.  

This eyesore might have been palatable if the concrete could have at least been painted to resemble masonry.

With tight budgets the organizations producing these visual disappointments really have no choice but to do a functional job for the lowest price possible.   I think Ronald Reagan referred to this as 'getting the government off our backs'.

Such as it is, aesthetic costs money and right now we can't afford it.

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J Golz said...

Hey Thorick! Nice solar stuff. How much bay water can you desalinate per hour at 1000W? You need to complete your MC trip to NY, we have ballet here too! Trying to get in touch with you.