Monday, September 17, 2012

Motorcycles to sell a Dance Company

So in my previous post I showed a motorcycle advertisement that I'd happened upon in which a Ballerina was used to suggest how maneuverable (and graceful) the advertised motorcycle was.

Now here I've stumbled upon an audition invitation from the Paul Taylor Dance Company in which they've decided to use a motorcycle to suggest speed and excitement (the kind of excitement that you'll have if you are accepted into that Company I presume).

It's nicely full-circle now  Dancer to sell the Bike and Bike to sell the Dance Company.

This really would have been unthinkable say, 50 years ago...
When Hunter Thompson (I believe) observed that at that time (in the '60s) Harley-Davidson basically had only 2 identifiable groups of people buying their bikes:  the Police and the Outlaw Gangs

I'm in love with the modern world,...

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