Saturday, July 1, 2017

Enemies today, Friends tommorrow

Of course, this is nothing new but for some reason I had randomly recalled a Chinese postage stamp that I had in my childhood stamp book.

This stamp, clearly declares what the 'politically correct sentiments' in China of the 1950's - 60's were like.

In the foreground of the etched scene is a dead soldier lying on the ground in front of a tank or some other mechanized warfare device.  The name of country that the vanquished soldier belonged to is clearly written on the front of the tank:

   "U S A"

Yeah, the acceptable and expected sentiment of that time was  'Death to the USA'.

Which brings to mind why humane treatment of prisoners of war exists.
To normal citizens of a country, your politicians decide who to kill and as a citizen of that country, you are obligated to go and serve and people recognize that.

I was reminded of that time during WWII when the British and French armies were defeated by the German Army and had to flee from the shores of Dunkirk.

Within a few months, the French government of the south which was the product of the terms of the French surrender to Germany, had naval vessels in its southern shores.
Feeling threatened by them the British government announced that those ships must not fall into German hands.
It ended up that the British Navy fired on and sunk the French ships.
Yes, French and British on the same side one month, British ships sink the French ships and ended up killing more than a thousand French personnel.

To today.. From death to the USA one decade, to let's make a business deal and get rich the next.

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