Tuesday, January 13, 2009

24 Hour Watches

I like 24 Hour Watches, watches that measure the passing of 24 hours with a single complete sweep of its hour hand. One can look at the watch face and see one day divided up like a pie. This slice for sleep plus that slice for work. etc.. all adding up to make a day.

The watch shown here is a low-buck Russian made Raketa (new specimens can be had from Russian watch specialty sites or from ebay for less than $50). This watch has a time zone ring around its outer edge. Since it's a 24 hour watch, the entire earth surrounds the watch face demarcated by hourly timezones (we'll forget about the odd-ball 1/2 hour and 1/4 hour time zones).

It's quite graphic to realize the expanse of the Russian Federation land mass by reading off the indicators on the dial (starting at hour 0 at the top of the watch):
Hour 0: Moscow
Hour 1: Saratov
Hour 2: Ekaterinburg
Hour 3: Tashkent
Hour 4: Novosibirsk
Hour 5: Irkutsk
Hour 6: Yakutsk
Hour 7: Vladivostok
Hour 8: Magadan
Hour 9: Petropavlovk-Kamchatsk (P-Kamchatsky)

Wow.. that's 10 time zones of contiguous land !

While not all land, the US indicators show:
Hour 12 Honolulu
Hour 13 Alaska
Hour 14 San Francisco
Hour 15 Denver
Hour 16 Chicago
Hour 17 New York

6 time zones.

Every other country on the dial gets only 1 :-)

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