Sunday, January 18, 2009

One More from Berlin And Beyond

Today I went to another screening at the "Berlin And Beyond" film festival. I had not planned on posting about it since I already mentioned the movie that I saw there yesterday, but today's movie "Evet, I do !" ("Evet, Ich Will !") was so outstanding that I have to mention it ! The movie makes comedy out of 'forbidden marriages'. Each of the protagonist-couples has to deal with parents and relatives who disapprove of their choices of partner along cultural lines: Turk + Kurd, Turk + German, Turk + African-American, Gay Turk + Gay German. Though the particulars of each situation are different, human nature is what it is and it's not hard to recognize the absurdities and laugh out loud at them.
There was a Q & A session after the movie with the directory/writer Sinan Akkus (he's the person on the left in the photo). It was astounding to learn that this was his FIRST feature length movie and that today's screening was only the 2nd time that this movie has been seen in public. I truly hope that he can get some distribution for this gem, it's a very entertaining hour and a half that shouldn't sit on a shelf unviewed except by a just few hundred people.

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