Saturday, January 17, 2009

Berlin and Beyond Film Festival

Yay !
It's time for the annual "Berlin & Beyond" Film Festival in San Francisco screening films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Today I went to see "DIE ENTDECKUNG DER CURRYWURST" (The Invention of the Curry Sausage). Despite the title, it really wasn't about the invention of the Curry Sausage (though that did take place). It was the touching tale of a passionate but ill-fated love affair taking place in final weeks of WWII Hamburg. Nicely done. The hostess introduced the movie noting that 'many cities in Germany claim to be the birthplace of the Curry Sausage, in this version, the Curry Sausage was invented in Hamburg, even though the movie isn't really about that'.

As an added plus, the star, Barbara Sukowa was present for the screening (see photo, Sukowa is on the left).

If it shows up in your local video store (or Netflix), "Invention of the Curry Sausage" gets the thumbs up from me !

I'll probably catch some more flicks tomorrow...

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