Friday, September 23, 2011

Almost perfect day

There's nothing like a clear, sunny, cool morning and a motorcycle far from home. It was a perfect morning for a ride and I savored every moment. The afternoon got a bit hot. On a motorcycle you feel more. As the temperatures climbed I could feel the air cool with the altitude gains crossing the passes to give way to hot climes again. At 90 degrees F and above, the air no longer cools you and you have to take countermeasures on the longer rides or pay the consequences of heat fatigue and dehydration (ask me how I know this :-( ). At 100 degrees F and above the wind feels like a hair dryer blowing in your face and the faceshield goes down to keep it away.

So the latter part of the day was a bit hot and tiring.

I made it to Salem, Oregon at about 5 pm.

I soooooo..... wanted to take the 6pm Adult Ballet class that I found on the net at a dance studio in Salem 'Starr Studios', but I was really too beat from the heat of the afternoon and opted to pass on it. My highest priority is to be 100% tomorrow for the Pacific Northwest Ballet program.

The weather is changing and it looks like the North is going to get wet starting Sunday... if so, I'm shelving any ideas about going north to British Columbia and will probably head East to escape the rain. I don't really mind riding in the rain if I have to, but it's not really fun

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