Monday, September 26, 2011

Back on the Road, Go East Young Man...

It's time to head out of Seattle. Ironically, the rain is worse today as compared to yesterday by far. I have to decide: South or East ? If I go South the ride will be wet all day but promises to hold fewer dangers being relatively flat. If I go East the ride will be wet for a few intense hours then warm and dry the rest of the day. The Eastern tradeoff is that I will have to go over stormy mountain passes along a major interstate truck route I-90. Within a few minutes of getting on I-5 going south I have to make up my mind. East it is.. but not so fast.. yipes, it's a traffic jam of people wanting to get to Bellevue from Seattle, at 10 am ! All thoughts that I may have had about living in Seattle start to fade as I sit out in the rain inching along towards my storm drenched fate.
The ride through the rainy Cascades was riveting. I forgot to put in my earplugs so I was getting the full sensory treatment. Wind, Cold, Wet, Noisy. I'm thankful that all of the Truckers that passed me were behaving like professional drivers else it could have been a very harrowing ride. Finally deep into the rain shadow the dry promised land arrived and I could enjoy the cruise. Things are relaxed enough that I can listen to my podcast queue again while the scenery rolls on by. It's getting near time to stop for the day.

Now here's a pop quiz: Given a choice of 2 destinations in which to put down for the night which would you choose:
1. Pendelton, Oregon
2. Walla Walla, Wa

No contest ! It's 40 extra miles away, but how can one resist staying in Walla Walla Wa ?

After setting down I check for dance studios in beautiful Walla Walla. I have enough left over for a class if I can find one. There seem to be 2 studios in town: one a Ballet studio, the other studio offering jazz and tap dancing.. sigh, but neither has any suitable classes on Monday night. It's another night of doing my static balances in a motel room...

I'm posting 2 low resolution snapshot stills taken off of my on board Helmet Camera:
One on the wet I-90 through the Cascades, the other near where the Snake River empties into the Columbia River. The I-90 snap should be viewed with deep relentless menacing music while the Columbia River one goes with slow solo harp music played in a major key.

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