Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eastern Oregon

I spent a great day traversing North Eastern Oregon. Down U.S. 395 and West along U.S. 26. U.S. 395 undulates and alternates between ranches in the valleys and Forest Parks in the mountains. A good part of U.S.26 follows a river which allows cultivation of the lands along those parts of the highway.
I made a stop in Dayville along U.S.26 (not as in night and day, but rather named after an early explorer/expeditiary John Day. There's also a city 'John Day', various 'John Day' Rivers, etc).
Quite noticeable was the nice decor in the Men's Room at the city park. It was spotlessly clean and even had fresh flowers (see photo). Very refreshing. A place like that would probably not last a day (so to speak) in a medium to large city. Much has been written over centuries about the differences between city and country life. I have nothing original to add...

I make it to Brineville as the day ends. Poking around the net I see that there is an advanced Ballet class in town that started at 6pm. I'm too late to give it a try. I'm beginning to miss city life !

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